Which methods and appliances are most suitable for my operation with regard to food preparation, quality assurance, freshness, availability and efficiency? There is an abundance of alternatives to choose from:

Low-temperature cooking

Dry steam cooking

MultiFresh system

Vacuum cooking

Pressure braisers

Steaming/hot air/combi-steaming

Induction technology with profi pots

High performance griddle plates

High-frequency light for cooking and gratinating

Wood-fired ovens

Charcoal grill ovens

For 25 years now, we have been supplying technically matured and tested kitchen furniture and equipment for all bespoke concepts for newly built yachts and refits for the leading shipyards – our furniture and appliance system is unique within Europe.



What makes our ROLAND VITALITY KITCHEN so special?

A good kitchen is expected to fulfil the main preconditions for the preparation of food such as

the freshness of the foodstuffs

ensuring the quality of food





And that is exactly what our Vitality Kitchen offers – at the highest level – coupled with a unique design