Of this we are certain: gastronomy has to meet higher standards today than in the past.

In the 21st century, guests are familiar with national and international cuisine,
are informed, mobile, critical and price-conscious.
From the diverse catering offerings in their surroundings, they can choose the most convenient restaurant with the highest recall value.

Conclusion: gastronomy has never been so diverse; restaurant visitors today are well informed
and can choose from a broad selection.

How does one cope with these challenges?

Guests expect an excellent choice of dishes, freshness, quality, availability, and are, at the same time, price-conscious.

New kitchen concepts must meet these requirements. Careful and timely planning and consultation pay off, as the operation period is fixed for at least 10 years, and a good investment in the form of appliance quality, energy and staff efficiency is worth the effort.

Our ROLAND Vitality Kitchen is characterised through the following:

- highest quality of the individual appliances

- modularity

- hygiene standards

- availability and freshness of foodstuffs

- quality assurance

- cost-effectiveness

all this for just Euros 10-15 more in investment per day in comparison to customary standard kitchens.

Whether for national or international, plain or award-winning cuisine: vitality kitchens are the realisation of individual cooking with culinary delights.
Our guiding principle: availability and quality assurance of freshly prepared foods rich in vitamins.
This kitchen system makes it possible to realise even the most sophisticated preparation techniques.
Through the use of the MultiFresh system, a high degree of operating efficiency regarding staff, energy expenses and foodstuffs can be achieved.

Further advantages are the clearly structured storage, including quick access to food, and the optimised shopping facilities for foodstuffs regarding price and quality.

Staggered working hours and support in peak periods provide scope for creativity and further development of the own culinary concept for professional chefs and kitchen helps.