„New Horizons, New Expectations, New Standards…“

Our philosophy is based on our ideas, but what does it mean?

It’s a well-known fact that we understand our craft, and success proves us right. But what comes next? What is it that distinguishes us from others and makes us ahead of others?

We at ROLAND are thinking ahead! We rise to new challenges by setting new standards, so increasing our customers’ expectations and, of course, the high expectations we set for ourselves.

We attach great importance on organisation and well-planned and thought out projects.

We have gained large experience from more than two hundred gastronomy and fifty mega yacht projects which made us one of the most experienced of our industry today and which paves the way for setting of new standards.

And here, our company-owned furniture and wall system is making a major contribution. For more than 12 years, we continue further developing of these systems for the specific requirements on a yacht.

Consultancy Services:

Competence is not a talent, but the result of hard work and commitment. And we gladly pass on our competence and take a holistic view on technology, design, functionality and individual wishes enabling us to find the perfect balance.

In the field of yacht galleys we put emphasis on our long-lasting experience to fulfil special demands of life and requirements on a kitchen at sea at the highest level.

We cover every item of a kitchen: from room planning to equipment of galleys, pantries and kitchens through to elaboration of individual kitchen concepts.

Planning Services:

Whether on shore or at sea - the kitchen has long ceased to be a purely functional space, serving for the purpose of catering only. Today’s kitchens have become rooms for special experiences with high significance; many different cultures are finding their way into kitchens and guests love to get an insight view.

Well-being of staff, staff management and appropriate working conditions make an essential contribution to an efficient operation result and a high level of quality assurance. First implementation of planning sketches and design-oriented presentation as well as technical implementation, high-quality workmanship of materials and functional processes are integral parts to achieve high added value from available resources in a kitchen.

We are well aware of the requirements for a yacht galley. The difference to a conventional kitchen on shore is unmistakable. Particularly, it is essential to provide much more intelligent solutions with regard to capacities, work processes, technical reliability and maintenance intensity.

And, we are also aware of the special culinary wishes of our customers. It is our task to create ideal conditions for the crew enabling them to meet customers’ wishes.

Individual concepts for yacht galley & pantry, hand-drawn sketches, important media information, breakthroughs as well as values of exhaust air of hoods are part of our standard services.

Construction Services:

Whether floor plan or projection drawings, detailed drawings or cutting and installation plan: CAD plans are just our first approach.

Today, special constructions are already covered at 70 per cent by proven constructions of the ROLAND furniture series with more than 70,000 single drawings. All details are presented in 3D – right up to the last screw. In this way, our customers are in a position to take clear decisions and we ensure a high level of quality assurance.

What has to be constructed, tested and manufactured with great efforts elsewhere, is already fully functioning standard at ROLAND today and meets the constantly increasing requirements of our customers.

Application support and training:

Since complexity of the task has to be implemented accordingly, most of the time within a project everything revolves around technology. But, at ROLAND we understood what this finally means and what a kitchen is all about.

And, we have a second look on our business: it’s not only our aim to build the world’s best kitchens but also to keep a close eye on the culinary aspects.

Instruction and training with regard to appliances, advice in the field of kitchen equipment and assistance in all issues in the gastronomic-maritime field. And all this can be provided either at the customer on-site, on board or in our company-own kitchen.


Following the planning process, assembly decides on the successful implementation of a project. That’s why we rely on our professionals, absolute specialists in their field. Our technicians are equipped with the most modern tools and materials, regularly trained according to DIN ISO 9001 and are familiar with the projects during the planning phase already.

Since “Turn Key” projects have significantly increased during last years, we are, of course, perfectly prepared.

Our experienced technicians carry out assembly, supervise installation and perform the test run together with you. In addition, a function record is created ensuring the main functions and operation of the appliances.


With our new customer service database platform on the internet, we are online on a 24 hours basis. So we provide our customers with an easy and direct access to our device data and important technical information up to detailed operating and maintenance instructions. Information can be retrieved without delay when needed.

Repair orders are clearly understandable and are processed without any loss of information.